"Sweet potato steamed bread" recipe

Healed by the fluffy texture. Here is a summary of the "3 steamed bread recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and was delicious. "Steamed sweet potato bread" and "steamed bread" made with a rice cooker. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Steamed bread made with a rice cooker

Can you make fluffy "steamed bread" without a steamer? No, that's not the case. You can easily make your own using a rice cooker at home and by using a pancake mix! Introducing the recipe for " steamed bread made with a rice cooker ".

Recipe for "steamed bread made with a rice cooker"

Steamed sweet potato bread

Introducing the recipe for the moist and fluffy " Sweet potato steamed bread ". Since it uses a hot cake mix, there are no difficult weighings or procedures. You don't need a steamer and a mold, and you can easily make it with a microwave oven, a mug, a cocotte plate, or anything else you have at home!

"Sweet potato steamed bread" recipe

Protein Okara steamed bread

Just mix and rent! Introducing " Protein Okara Steamed Bread ", a recipe that is very easy and makes it easy to get protein. Make steamed bread using plain protein and top it with fried eggs or bacon, which looks good for breakfast! It is also a nice point to be able to do it immediately. Recommended for snacks on a diet.

Recipe "Protein Okara Steamed Bread"