KKD "Hokkaido 3rd Anniversary Box (6 pieces)"

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Krispy Kreme Donuts (KKD) landing in Hokkaido, "Hokkaido 3rd Anniversary Boxes (6 pieces)" are on sale from November 8th to November 23rd. Limited to 30 sets each day at stores in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido 3rd Anniversary Box (6 pieces)

A box containing 3 types of local donuts that have been sold only in Hokkaido so far. In addition to 1 each of "Jin-kun Donut", "Hokkaido Premium Double Milk" and "Hokkaido Premium Toukibi Cream", 2 regular donuts "Original Glazed" and 1 "Chocolate Sprinkle" are packed. The price is 1,188 yen.

KKD "Hokkaido 3rd Anniversary Box (6 pieces)"

Jin-kun donut

A donut sold three years before it first landed in Hokkaido. The motif is "Genghis Khan's Jin-kun", the official Sapporo Smile PR ambassador of Sapporo City, and it features a cute expression of Jin-kun drawn in chocolate. Uses custard cream with Hokkaido cream.

KKD "Jin-kun Donut"

Hokkaido Premium Double Milk

A donut made from fluffy yeast dough is coated with white chocolate, and a "cow" pattern is designed with bitter chocolate on it. Sandwich between the donuts is a cream using Hokkaido milk and a whipped cream using Hokkaido cream. You can enjoy a rich taste like a cake.

KKD "Hokkaido Premium Toukibi Cream"

Hokkaido Premium Toukibi Cream

A donut with the image of "toukibi" that grows in the land of Hokkaido. The fluffy dough is filled with Hokkaido milk and creme patissiere with corn paste. Accented with sweet corn grains.

KKD "Hokkaido Premium Toukibi Cream"

Available stores are Chitose Outlet Mall Rera, Sapporo Pole Town, Sapporo Le Troyes, and Tokyu Department Store Sapporo.