Kuzefuku Shoten "Aomori Apple Gokkuru"

At each Kuzefuku Shoten store and the official online shop, a new textured apple snack "Aomori Apple Gokkuru" will be on sale from November 5th (excluding some stores). In addition, the apple pie "Apple Custer (Fuji)" is also sold only at physical stores.

Aomori apples

Kuzefuku Shoten "Aomori Apple Gokkuru"

An apple snack that has a mysterious texture by cutting the apple king "Fuji", soaking it in syrup, and frying it in a vacuum fryer. After a light and crispy mouthfeel that you wouldn't think it was fried in oil, you can feel the original sweetness and acidity of moist apples. An apple wholesaler, which has been in business for over 100 years in Aomori, has been working on apple processing to make it possible to work in the spring and summer when apples have been harvested. It was "Aomori apple maker".

Kuzefuku Shoten "Aomori Apple Gokkuru"

Since low-temperature vacuum frying takes a lot of time and effort, there are not many sweets made by this method nationwide. In particular, stick-shaped apples are lumpy after frying, so they are carefully peeled off one by one before they cool down. The snacks, which are made with delicate work and time and effort, are finished in sweets with a slightly different taste that will bring back the memory of raw apples when chewed. The price is 486 yen (tax included).

Apple Custer (Fuji)

Kuzefuku Shoten "Apple Custer (Fuji)"

Similar to apple pie, "Fuji" apples are pickled in syrup that leaves a crispy feeling, wrapped in a pie with rich custard cream, and baked. With a diameter of about 10 cm, it is a reasonable size for sharing with two people. If you warm it lightly with a toaster, you can enjoy a refreshing texture like freshly baked. Recommended for small gifts. The price is 540 yen (tax included).