"Special set to commemorate the release of" Nanairo Cream Soda "" from Ken Elephant
(The image is quoted from the official website)

"Nanairo Cream Soda" release commemorative special set is on sale from Ken Elephant. Ken Ellenfant Online Shop Rakuten Ichiba Limited. Only one point per person. The price is 4,840 yen (tax included).

"Nanairo Cream Soda" release commemorative special set

In commemoration of the publication of the picture book "Nanairo's Cream Soda", "Pure Cafe Miniature Collection Vol.1" supervised by Rina Namba, 7 kinds of "Sabouru'Cream Soda'" miniature figures, autographed picture books, and sticker sheets are included in the set. Introducing the "Release Commemorative Special Set". In addition to the 6 colors of Sabouru's "Cream Soda", which is the lineup of "Jun Cafe Miniature Collection Vol.1" released in May 2020, "White Cream Soda" that appears in picture books has been added, and "Nanairo" will be released as a product in the future. It is a set of "Cream Soda Sticker Sheet".

"Nanairo's Cream Soda" release commemorative special set is irresistible for miniature figure lovers and cream soda lovers. If you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!