Recipe "Atsuage garlic tomato boiled"

Here are three "tomato simmered recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Atsuage garlic tomato simmered" and "chicken and beans simmered in tomato". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article

Boiled chicken and beans in tomato

Introducing the " Chicken and beans boiled in tomato " recipe. A variety of tomato flavors that gently wrap moist chicken, crispy onions, and fluffy beans. If you cut the ingredients and put them in a pot with seasonings, the ease of heating is also attractive! Rakuchin recipe.

"Chicken and beans boiled in tomato" recipe

Atsuage garlic tomato boiled

Here is a simple recipe for " Atsuage garlic tomato simmered " that is satisfying even if you don't use meat. Sweet and sour tomatoes with a garlic accent. It is also recommended to add melted cheese if you like. With the addition of mellow richness, it will be a more satisfying dish.

Recipe "Atsuage garlic tomato boiled"

Boiled potatoes and tomatoes

Hokuhoku " potato tomato boiled " recipe! It's a hassle-free dish because it can be made simply by putting the ingredients in a pot and boiling it. It will be healthy because it is not fried in oil! It's warm and delicious, but I'm glad that the calories are modest because it doesn't use meat.

"Potato tomato boiled" recipe