Demel "Apple gugelhupf" "Kleinekuchen (apple and walnut)" "Apple strudel"

From the long-established Western confectionery brand "DEMEL" in Vienna, the winter-only "Apple gugelhupf", "Kleinekuchen (apple and walnut)" and "Apple strudel" will be on sale from the beginning of November. Available at department stores nationwide, Demel Shop and official online shop.

Apple walnut gugelhupf

A traditional Austrian confectionery baked in a Gugelhupf mold, characterized by a hat-like shape with diagonal undulations. The flavorful caramel and cinnamon dough is baked with a refreshing apple and walnuts that have a pleasant texture. The box size is L14.0 x W14.0 x H6.0 cm. The content is 1 piece, and the price is 1,296 yen (tax included).

Demel "Apple walnut gugelhupf"

Kleinekuchen (apple and walnut)

A baked confectionery where you can enjoy the gentle aroma of apples and cinnamon and the texture of walnuts. Apple and Calvados scented chocolate ganache is wrapped in an apple-flavored dough with walnuts and baked. The box size is L12.0 x W17.0 x H4.5 cm. The content is 6 pieces, and the price is 1,296 yen (tax included).

Demel "Kleinekuchen (apple and walnut)"

Apple strudel

Sandwich white chocolate with apple powder in a langue de chat dough with a hint of cinnamon. It is finished in a gentle taste that makes you feel the arrival of winter. The box size is L11.0 x W10.5 x H4.5 cm. The content is 8 pieces, and the price is 1,188 yen (tax included).

Demel "Apple strudel"

* Some products may not be available at all stores.
* As this is a limited edition product, it will be discontinued as soon as it is out of stock.