Chateraise "Xmas Premium Strawberry Decoration"
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Check out all the "Xmas Premium Decoration Cakes" sold by Chateraise! "Xmas Premium Strawberry Decoration" and "Xmas Premium Miroir Chocolat".

Xmas Premium Miroir Chocolat

Chocolate with 75% cocoa content using cocoa beans from Belize, which has high rare value, chocolate with 70% cocoa content characterized by deep bitterness and aroma, chocolate using two types of high cocoa chocolate (French couverture chocolate) A rich chocolate mousse cake with sweet and sour strawberry and peach jelly with lychee puree as a secret ingredient and milk chocolate almond crunch sandwiched in mousse. You can enjoy the harmony of sharp acidity and bitterness, rich aroma of cacao, hydrangea chocolate mousse that many people like, strawberry peach jelly with a little acidity, and crunchy crunchy texture. The price is 4,200 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). The sale period is from December 1st to December 25th.

Chateraise "Xmas Premium Miroir Chocolat"

Xmas Premium Strawberry Decoration

Sandwich plenty of strawberries and sweet and sour strawberry sauce with whipped cream with custard. A luxurious cake topped with plenty of strawberries. It is a Christmas decoration for 3 to 4 people pursuing a higher-grade taste. The price is 4,500 yen for 15 cm and 3,300 yen for 12 cm. The sale period is from December 17th to December 25th.

Chateraise "Xmas Premium Strawberry Decoration"