Sarabeth special menu "Roast Mushroom Benedict", special drink "Chai Tea Latte"

The special menu "Roast Mushroom Benedict" and the special drink "Chai Tea Latte" will be on sale from the New York restaurant "Sarabeth" on November 1st. The sale period is until November 30th.

Roasted mushrooms Benedict

"Roast Mushroom Benedict" is a palm-sized, thick and chewy jumbo muffin with toasted nutmeg-scented cream spinach, scented bacon, soft-boiled egg and creamy hollandaise sauce. A special egg benedict that seems to be a condensed autumn season.

The whole jumbo mushroom is roasted in the oven and juicy to trap the taste. And underneath the muffins is a savory baked potato galette. If this is broken and entwined, not only the aroma but also the crunchy texture will add an accent to the flavor. Mimolette cheese and enoki frit toppings complement the taste of jumbo mushrooms. The price is 1,750 yen (tax included, same below).

Chai tea latte

Harney & Sons "Hot Cinnamon Spice" tea leaf is used as a base, and several kinds of spices are combined, and a special drink "Chai Tea Latte" extracted with milk is also on sale. The price is 720 yen.