Simple recipe "Koya tofu mixed sandwich"

Here are three "Koya-dofu recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "French fries style of Koya tofu" and "Koya tofu mixed sandwich". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article

Koya tofu mixed sandwich

Use Koya tofu instead of bread to cut sugar! Introducing a simple recipe " Koya-dofu mixed sandwich ". Preparing the ingredients is no different from making a sandwich. The trick to making it delicious is to drain it well and bake both sides of Koya-dofu in a frying pan!

Simple recipe "Koya tofu mixed sandwich"

Koya tofu french fries style

French fries that sometimes make you want to eat asexually. But if you're on a diet, I recommend the " Koya-dofu French fries " recipe! Since the potatoes are replaced with Koya tofu, the sugar is off, but the texture is crispy and the taste is like potatoes!

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

Fluffy Koya Tofu Piccata

Introducing the recipe of " Koya-dofu Piccata ", which is baked with ham and cheese sandwiched between Koya-dofu boiled in milk. A dish that makes you feel healthy and full!

"Koya tofu piccata" recipe