Recipe for "eggplant tuna miso grilled"

Here are three "tuna can recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and tried. "Eggplant tuna miso grilled" and "tuna tofu nugget" etc. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article

Tuna tofu nugget

Just mix tuna cans and tofu and bake! A simple and healthy recipe for " tuna tofu nuggets " with a fluffy texture. The surface is crispy and the inside is fluffy! The unique and mysterious texture will make you sick. The trick is to drain the tofu well.

"Tuna tofu nugget" recipe

Grilled eggplant tuna miso

Introducing the recipe for " eggplant tuna miso-yaki " that you can easily make with a toaster. With plenty of tuna and tuna, it is also recommended as a snack for sake. By adding egg yolk to the filling, the presence is increased, and the filling is fragrant and has a satisfying taste.

Recipe for "eggplant tuna miso grilled"

Pumpkin salad with tuna and olives

Introducing the recipe for " Tuna and Olive Pumpkin Salad ", which is a mixture of tuna and olives. The taste of tuna and olives blends into the gentle sweetness.

"Tuna and Olive Pumpkin Salad" Recipe