Ezaki Glico "Visco GIFT BOX"

"Visco GIFT BOX" will be on sale from November 2nd at various online shops from Ezaki Glico. A cute Bisco-shaped gift can containing 10 packs of 2 "Visco [milk]" and "Visco [Amaou strawberry]", a leaflet, and 6 types of limited-edition inner bags with a message. The price is open.


Introduced for the first time in 2019 as a product to liven up the Christmas season. The contents of this year's cute and large Bisco-shaped cans are assorted in two types: "Visco [milk]" and the new "Visco [Amaou Strawberry]".

In addition, it comes with a special leaflet that can be set up as a Christmas tree, and has a mechanism that you can enjoy every day like an Advent calendar. There are 14 days worth of missions related to "Visco" and growth, and it is a specification that you can challenge while counting down to Christmas.

Ezaki Glico "Visco GIFT BOX"

Ezaki Glico "Visco GIFT BOX"

It is available at online shops such as Amazon, Ito-Yokado, KALDI, Corp Kinki, Seiyu, Tsutenkaku, Plaza, Yahoo! Shopping, Yodobashi Camera, Rakuten Ichiba, LOHACO, and Loft.


"Visco" is a lactic acid bacterium cream sand containing calcium, vitamins B1, B2, D, sporolactic acid bacteria that "wake up in the stomach and reach the intestines alive", and dietary fiber. With its light sweetness, it is a long-selling product that is supported by a wide range of people from children to adults.