From McDonald's "Dabuchi" "Spicy Dabuchi" "Dense White Dabuchi" "Hami Trichi" "Dabuchi Sausage Muffin"

From October 27th, McDonald's will sell four types of "Double Cheeseburger" (commonly known as Dabuchi), "Spicy Dabuchi," "Dense White Dabuchi," "Hami Trichi," and "Dabuchi Sausage Muffin."

Spicy Dabuchi

McDonald's "Spicy Dabuchi"

"Spicy Dabuchi" is a "double cheeseburger" made by sandwiching special spicy cheese using habanero powder and spicy sliced jalapeno with two juicy 100% beef patties. A taste that is addictive with its stimulating spiciness and rich, rich umami. The price is 390 yen (tax included) separately.

Rich white dabuchi

McDonald's "Dense White Dabuchi"

"Dense White Dabuchi" is sandwiched between two juicy 100% beef patties, white cheddar cheese and mellow-tasting Monterey Jack cheese sauce. Finished with a rich and rich flavor. The pure white appearance is fresh. The price is 390 yen (tax included) separately.

Hami Trichi

McDonald's "Hami Trichi"

"Hami Trichi" is the largest volume in the history of "Dabuchi", which is 1.3 times larger than the beef patty of "Triple Cheeseburger" (* weight ratio before firing) and piled up three. A new menu with plenty of impact. You can enjoy the excellent compatibility of 3 creamy and rich cheddar cheeses and 3 fragrantly baked 100% beef patties. The price is 540 yen (tax included) separately.

Dabuchi sausage muffin

McDonald's "Dabuchi Sausage Muffin"

"Dabuchi sausage muffin" is a new menu of morning mac inspired by the concept of "double cheeseburger". Two layers of juicy and spicy sausage patties and two cheddar cheeses with rich flavor are layered alternately, and sandwiched with a chewy original muffin with ketchup and pickles as accents. The price is 320 yen (tax included) separately. Sale from opening to 10:30.