Hirata Farm "Election Discount"

At Hirata Farm, an "election discount" will be held where the pork cutlet will be half the price when you go to the election. The elections for members of the House of Representatives and Sakata City Assembly, which will be voted on October 31, are eligible. It will be held for a limited time from October 25th to November 7th.

Hirata Farm Election Discount

The purpose is to hope for the improvement of youth turnout and awareness of social participation. You can receive the service by presenting the "voting certificate" that you can receive at the time of voting at the store.

By presenting the "voting certificate" for the House of Representatives election and the Sakata City Assembly member election, which will be voted on October 31, the target menu will be half the price for one account. For polling stations that do not receive a vote certificate, it will be applied by presenting an image confirming that you have participated in the vote.

The target menus of the stores in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture are "Jinhua pork thick-sliced loin and set" and "Sangen pork thick-sliced loin and set" for restaurants, and "Jinhua pork finest hand-cut loin" and "three" for yakiniku restaurants. Former pork special hand-cut loin, and in the case of retail stores, it is Jinhua pork loin.

For restaurants in Yamagata prefectures other than Tokyo, Miyagi and Sakata, the target menus are "Jinhua pork thick-sliced loin and set", "Sangen pork thick-sliced loin and set (other than Tokyo)", and product sales. In the case of a store, it will be "Jinhua pork loin". The Ecute Tokyo store is excluded.

The selling price of each menu varies depending on the store. In addition, election discount and other services cannot be used together. The service can be used only once per person, and the store stamp will be stamped on the back of the certificate.