"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe! It ’s so good that you chew it fragrantly.
How about a snack while you are on a diet or on a low-carbohydrate diet? Fried Koya tofu instead of potatoes to make it look like french fries!
material ( For 3-4 people )
Koya-tofu 2 pieces
potato starch 3 tsp
salt a little
oil Appropriate amount
ketchup 1 tbsp
sauce 1 tbsp
"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

French fries that sometimes make you want to eat asexually. But if you're on a diet, I recommend the "Koya-dofu French fries" recipe! Since the potatoes are replaced with Koya tofu, the sugar is off, but the texture is crispy and it will be a very delicious snack!

Koya tofu french fries style


Click here for what to prepare. I refer to Kikkoman's recipe.

2 Koya tofu, 3 teaspoons of potato starch
A little salt, a little oil, 1 tablespoon of ketchup
1 tablespoon sauce

Ketchup and sauce are for seasoning, so you can add salt, add green laver, or use mayonnaise if you like!

How to make

Rehydrate the Koya tofu with hot water and drain it thoroughly.

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

Cut into sticks of about 5 mm square.

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

Put Koya tofu and potato starch in a plastic bag, shake well, and lightly batter.

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

Heat a little more oil in a frying pan and fry Koya tofu.

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

When it becomes crispy and golden, raise it to drain the oil and sprinkle with salt.

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

Make aurora sauce by combining ketchup and sauce, and add it to Koya tofu to complete!

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

What is the flavor of Koya tofu with french fries?

Ummm! It is crispy and fragrant when you bite it, and the inside is plump and has a novel texture! The more you chew, the more sweetness and umami ooze out and spread in your mouth. It's refreshing but rich in oil, and it goes really well with the sweet and sour ketchup sauce!

"French fries style of Koya tofu" recipe

At the moment of biting, the feeling of Karissaku was really illusion of French fries. It's also satisfying to eat. Since the taste of Koya-dofu is plain, you can make it a sweet snack by sprinkling sugar or caramel sauce instead of salt or ketchup sauce!