Pasco "Hotcake Sandwich Kokura & Margarine 2 Pieces"

From Shikishima Bread (Pasco), "Hotcake Sandwich Ogura & Margarine 2 Pieces" and "Whipped Melon Bread Amaou Strawberry" will be on sale from November 1st.

Hot cake sandwich Kokura & Margarine 2 pieces

Pasco "Hotcake Sandwich Kokura & Margarine 2 Pieces"

"Hotcake Sand Ogura & Margarine 2 Pieces" is a pancake dough with a soft and soft texture of bean paste and whipped margarine containing red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, where you can feel the texture of the grains with just the right amount of sweetness. What was done. You can easily enjoy it as a breakfast or snack with the combination of "bean paste" and "margarine", which are the standard flavors that are not caught in the season. Handling in Chubu / Kansai / Chugoku / Shikoku area.

Whipped melon bread Amaou strawberry

Pasco "Whipped Melon Bread Amaou Strawberry"

"Whipped melon bread Amaou strawberry" is a melon bread covered with strawberry-flavored biscuits that is kneaded with sweetened puree of Amaou strawberry, and plenty of whipped cream containing Amaou strawberry juice is injected. "Amaou Strawberry" is a strawberry cultivated in Fukuoka Prefecture and is used in various sweets and beverages because it has a good balance of sugar content and acidity. Handling in the Kanto / Chubu / Kansai / Chugoku / Shikoku / Kyushu area.