In love with pudding, "squeezed Montblanc pudding"

"Squeezed Montblanc pudding" is on sale from October 12th at the take-out pudding specialty store "In love with pudding". From October 15th, "Squeezed Pumpkin Mont Blanc Pudding" and "Pumpkin Mont Blanc Pudding" will be on sale for a limited time. The price is 500 yen each (tax included).

Squeezed Montblanc pudding

The signature product "Retro Pudding" is made by squeezing rich fresh cream from Hokkaido, and then squeezing plenty of homemade Mont Blanc cream using 100% Italian chestnuts. A pudding that looks and tastes satisfying, inspired by the popular "freshly squeezed Mont Blanc". The rich retro pudding like custard cream is a perfect match for the rich taste of Montblanc cream. Sprinkle plenty of the included chasing caramel to taste.

In love with pudding, "squeezed Montblanc pudding"

Squeezed pumpkin Mont Blanc pudding

Fresh cream from Hokkaido is squeezed on top of pumpkin pudding, and homemade pumpkin cream is squeezed enough to overflow from the tray, perfect for Halloween. Topped with pumpkin seeds to finish. Enjoy with plenty of the included chasing caramel.

In love with pudding, "squeezed pumpkin Mont Blanc pudding"

Pumpkin mont blanc pudding

A smooth pudding made from pumpkin micro puree. Pumpkin dice cuts are spread inside the pumpkin pudding, and the taste changes as you eat. A dish of pumpkin made with homemade pumpkin cream.

In love with pudding, "Pumpkin Mont Blanc pudding"