Jiichiro "Brownie"

Jiichiro will release "Brownie" on October 22nd, which is particular about the luxurious texture of rich chocolate and nuts and chocolate chips.


The generously used chocolate is a blend of two types of chocolate with different sourness and aroma. Salt is added to the accent to tighten the taste, and vanilla is used to combine the overall taste to create a well-balanced rich chocolate.

Two types of chocolate chips with different flavors are mixed in the dough, and fragrant roasted pecan nuts and pistachios are placed on the surface of the dough. By combining the dough with ingredients that have a pleasant texture, we have achieved a luxurious texture that is responsive to eating. The price is 380 yen for 1 piece, 1,240 yen for 3 pieces, and 2,430 yen for 6 pieces (tax included, same below).


Also, from the same day, an assortment of popular Baumkuchen and Gateau chocolates will be released. The lineup is as follows.

Jiichiro cut brownie set 3,600 yen Jiichiro's Baumkuchen cut 6 bags, 4 brownies

Jiichiro / Brownie / Gateau Chocolat Set 5,200 yen Jiichiro's Baumkuchen 1 piece, Brownie 3 pieces, Gateau Chocolat 4 pieces (2 chocolates 2 pieces Matcha)