Recipe "Okara Apple Crumble"

Here are three "okara recipes" that were delicious when the En-eating editorial department actually made them. "Okara apple crumble" and "okara mochi". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page

Okara rice cake

Introducing a recipe for " okara mochi " that makes you happy while you are on a diet because you can get rid of dietary fiber. The surface is smooth and smooth, and it has a firm elasticity when chewed. Although it cannot be said that it has exactly the same texture as regular shiratama and mochi, it is quite satisfying when you want to eat chewy food.

"Okara mochi" recipe

Okara apple crumble

Introducing the delicious sugar-restricted recipe " Okara Apple Crumble ". Wheat flour is generally used for the dough, but this time we will use "okara" instead to make it a little healthy! The apples inside are soft and soft, and the sweet juice and the spicy aroma of cinnamon go well together.

Recipe "Okara Apple Crumble"

Okara snow cookie

Introducing the recipe of " Okara Snow Cookie " using Okara powder and almond poodle. A low-carb snack that you want to enjoy with tea. Okara powder is used instead of cake flour, but the finish is crispy and chewy, and it's perfect for eating!

, "Okara Snow Cookie" Recipe