3 potato recipes

We introduce a collection of recipes using potatoes. Three of them are: "Stir-fried maitake mushrooms and potatoes with butter and soy sauce," "Marinated potatoes," and "Chinese-style potato salad.

Sauteed Maitake Mushrooms and Potatoes with Butter and Soy Sauce

This recipe for "Stir-fried Maitake and Potatoes with Butter and Soy Sauce" combines maitake mushrooms and potatoes, seasoned with butter and soy sauce. The savory and rich flavor of butter and soy sauce is accented with spicy black pepper. The combination of the flaky potatoes and crunchy maitake mushrooms also provides a pleasant contrast.

3 potato recipes

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Marinated Potatoes

A simple recipe using potatoes, "Marinated Potatoes". The combination of the crispy texture of the potatoes and the acidity of the vinegar is fresh and refreshing. It has a refreshing taste.

3 potato recipes

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Chinese-Style Potato Salad

Chinese-style potato salad recipe with Chinese seasoning. The rich flavor of oyster sauce and mayonnaise is accented with raayu (Chinese red chili oil).

3 potato recipes

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