FamilyMart "Tirol Choco Bread (Kinako Mochi)"

Here are some of the new products sold by FamilyMart (Famima) that were actually delicious. Three items: "Caramel cream croissant to eat chilled", "Tirol chocolate bread (kinako mochi)", and "Azuki milk cream taiyaki". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Caramel cream croissant to eat chilled

I tried " Caramel cream croissant to eat chilled " from FamilyMart (Famima). A dish where you can enjoy a combination of a croissant with a cool cookie dough and a heavy cream.

FamilyMart "Caramel cream croissant to eat chilled"

Tyrolean chocolate bread (kinako rice cake)

I actually bought " Kinako Mochi " sold by FamilyMart (Famima) and tried it. Using two types of kinako cream and fertilizer, the taste of "Tyrolean chocolate (kinako mochi)" is reproduced with bread.

FamilyMart "Tirol Choco Bread (Kinako Mochi)"

Azuki milk cream Taiyaki

I actually bought and tried the new sweet " Azuki Milk Cream Taiyaki " sold by FamilyMart (Famima). Taiyaki with a chewy texture and milk custard with red bean paste using Hokkaido azuki beans.

New sweets "Azuki Milk Cream Taiyaki"