Wako "Croquette with pumpkin cheese from Hokkaido"
(The source of the image is Tonkatsu Wako official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Hokkaido pumpkin cheese croquette" will appear at the To go shop of Tonkatsu Wako. It will be available from October 16th to the end of November.

Hokkaido pumpkin cheese croquette

A croquette made from rich, rich pumpkin from Hokkaido and filled with cheese. It will be sold for a limited time as a recommended autumn menu.

At Wako, there are restaurants where you can eat in, and shops where you can To go lunch boxes, rice bowls, delicatessen items, seasonings, etc., and this menu can be purchased at the shop. In addition, you can check whether the nearest store supports To go from "Store Search" on the official website.

The selling price and contents of Hokkaido pumpkin cheese croquette may vary depending on the store. In addition to this, some stores may not have a menu. For details, you are instructed to ask the nearest store individually.