Moomin Stand “Strawberry Fair” Menu

"Strawberry Fair" will be held at Moomin Stand. Two types of drinks, "Strawberry Milk Tea" and "Strawberry Chocolate", will be available from October 21st.

Strawberry milk tea

Moomin Stand “Strawberry Fair” Menu

"Strawberry milk tea" is a dessert-like milk tea with strawberry pulp. You can also enjoy sweet and sour strawberry sauce. The selling price is 650 yen (tax included, same below). L size is also available for 750 yen.

Strawberry chocolate

Moomin Stand “Strawberry Fair” Menu

"Strawberry chocolate" is a rich milk chocolate drink containing sweet and sour strawberry pulp. It is said that you can enjoy a cup of strawberries that are perfect for the coming season when winter is approaching. The selling price is also 650 yen. The L size is 750 yen.

"Coconut Milk" and "Alfonso Mango" Reappear

In addition, the regular menu at Moomin Stand will be renewed from October 21st. The popular menu "Coconut Milk", which has been highly requested, and "Alfonso Mango", which is full of delicious mango, will be re-appeared, and drinks containing fruit pulp and nata de coco will be on sale.

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