Hotto Motto Grill "-Lasagna-style Pasta-Guilty Bento"

The industry-academia collaboration menu "-Lasagna-style pasta-Guilty bento" with Rikkyo University will appear on the hotto motto grill. From October 18th, it will be available only at 3 stores in Tokyo. The selling price is 990 yen (tax included).

~ Lasagna-style pasta ~ Guilty lunch

Hotto Motto Grill "-Lasagna-style Pasta-Guilty Bento"

A menu developed by the seminar taught by Professor Hiroshi Sasaki of the Faculty of Business Administration of Rikkyo University and PLENUS, which handles "Hotto Motto" and "Hotto Motto Grill". Selected from presentations by about 40 students and 6 teams.

Calories are 1,500 kcal per meal. "Relieve daily stress with overwhelming calories and satisfaction" has been set out.

Inspired by the more popular menu "Nori Bento", it is topped with 4 karaage, minced meat cutlet, fried egg, etc., and underneath it is lasagna-style pasta with plenty of cheese that is popular with young people. increase. Three types of pasta are used: white sauce, demiglace sauce, and arabiata sauce, and we are particular about the timeless taste. You can also enjoy changing the taste with the attached "Tabasco sachet".

The stores that handle it are as follows.

・ Hotto Motto Grill Kanamecho Store ・ Hotto Motto Grill Ikebukuro Kita Store ・ Hotto Motto Grill Ikebukuro 4-chome Store