Morinaga & Co. "4 Kinds of Cocoa Stick Assortment"

"4 kinds of cocoa stick assortment" will be released from Morinaga & Co.'s "Morinaga Cocoa" brand. It will be available in limited quantities from October 19th. Open price.

4 kinds of cocoa stick assortment

Morinaga & Co. "4 Kinds of Cocoa Stick Assortment"

According to Morinaga & Co., the lifestyle has changed due to the corona virus, and the number of drinks to be eaten at home is increasing, and the demand for choosing flavors according to mood is increasing. Therefore, this time, we have prepared an assortment that is conscious of the fun of choosing various flavors of cocoa.

Including "Milk Cocoa" which has been a long-selling product for over 100 years, "Milk Cocoa [sugar-free]" which does not use sugar and has less sweetness, high cacao cocoa which is characterized by cacao polyphenol and dietary fiber with 70% cacao content "The power of cacao [CACAO70]" and "Milk caramel cocoa" that appeared in August are included. Contains a total of 10 bottles with a content of 110g (3.88oz). The breakdown is as follows.

・ Milk cocoa x 3 ・ Milk cocoa [sugar-free] x 2 ・ Cacao power [CACAO70] x 3 ・ Milk caramel cocoa x 2