Tyrolean chocolate "Tyrolean chocolate [kinako chocolate]"

Check out all the new chocolates! "Black Thunder Hitokuchi size pistachio", "Tirol chocolate [kinako chocolate]", "Mashimashi twig [Showa lunch fried bread flavor]", "Crème brulee mochi [bag]". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Black Thunder bite size pistachio

From the Black Thunder series, " Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Pistachio " will be on sale exclusively at convenience stores. Uses granular pistachio & pistachio paste.

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Pistachio"

Tyrolean chocolate [kinako chocolate]

Tyrolean chocolate will release a new product " Tyrolean chocolate [kinako chocolate] ". A crispy rice puff combined with the popular kinako chocolate.

Tyrolean chocolate "Tyrolean chocolate [kinako chocolate]"

Mashimashi twig [Showa lunch fried bread flavor]

Morinaga & Co.'s long-selling chocolate "Twig" will release " Mashimashi Twig [Showa Lunch Fried Dough Bread] ". The exquisite balance of chocolate, wheat puffs, rice puffs, and kinako expresses the nostalgic taste of "fried bread," which was popular for school lunches.

Morinaga "Mashimashi Twig [Showa Lunch Fried Dough Bread]"

Creme brulee mochi [bag]

" Crème Brulee Mochi [Bag] " will be on sale from Tyrolean Choco. Handled by Matsumotokiyoshi Group and Cocokara Fine Group.

Tyrolean chocolate "Crème Brulee Mochi [bag]"