Lotteria "Halloween tricks or sweets!"

The "Halloween Trick or Sweets!" Campaign will run from October 14th to October 31st in Lotteria (excluding some stores).

Halloween tricks or sweets!

A coupon plan where you can enjoy Lotteria's original sweets and side menus at a great price. When you show the target coupon on the Lotteria official website at the cash register, you will find a set of "Grape Shake (Cabernet Sauvignon Juice 0.1%)" and "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie" (regular price 462 yen), "Grape Shake (Cabernet Sauvignon Juice 0.1%)" %) ”And“ Nobiru Cheese Stick (2 bottles) ”set (regular price 473 yen) will be offered at a great value of 380 yen each. * Price is 10% tax included

Grape shake (Cabernet Sauvignon juice 0.1%)

Uses the juice of "Cabernet Sauvignon", which is known as a red wine variety and has an exquisite balance of deep astringency and acidity. A milk-based shake with a rich yet refreshing aftertaste.

Lotteria "Grape Shake (Cabernet Sauvignon Juice 0.1%)"

Ghana milk chocolate pie

Lotteria original sweets with rich and smooth "Ghana milk chocolate" filling. The pie crust that brings out the sweetness and richness is combined with the saltiness that is as good as kneading cocoa.

Lotteria "Ghana Milk Chocolate Pie"

Nobiru Cheese Stick (2 pieces)

A popular menu with crispy outside and cheese inside. 100% mozzarella cheese is trapped in a batter seasoned with garlic powder or onion powder, making it easy to eat with one hand.

Lotteria "Nobiru Cheese Stick (2 pieces)"