Takarajimasha "Hanamaru Udon FAN BOOK"

"Hanamaru Udon FAN BOOK" will be released on October 14th from Takarajimasha's "Popular Restaurant Chain Official Fan Book" series. The price is 870 yen (tax included).

Hanamaru Udon FAN BOOK

Founded in 2000 in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, "Hanamaru Udon" is currently approaching 500 stores. The unknown "Hanamaru Udon", such as the history of "Hanamaru Udon" that has made a leap from Shikoku to the whole country, all menu complete pictorial books, factory tour reports, roundtable discussions with legendary clerk and female store managers, introduction of individual staff nationwide, etc. This is a book full of charm.

Takarajimasha "Hanamaru Udon FAN BOOK"

This magazine's limited appendix "Premium Tempura Passport" includes your favorite udon, set meal, curry rice (single item), mini bowl (single item), To go lunch, and 1 favorite tempura for each item. A great passport that is free of charge. You can use it as many times as you like during the period, and you can also use it for To go. Expiration date is October 13, 2022.

"Premium Tempura Commuter Pass" from Takarajimasha "Hanamaru Udon FAN BOOK"

Popular food chain official fan book

The "Popular Restaurant Chain Official Fan Book", which has surpassed 450,000 copies in total, is a fan book series that enjoys delivering the charm of popular restaurant chains such as products, stores, and history. It is planned and edited to be a reading material that can be enjoyed as entertainment by deeply digging into the charm of unknown chains such as popular products and products that have become crap, secret stories of making popular menus, employees, how to eat unique to fans, trivia, etc. increase.

Takarajimasha's "Popular Restaurant Chain Official Fan Book" Series