"Peach Lemonade by Lemonade" collaboration drink 4th

Morinaga Milk Industry will release "Peach Lemonade by Lemonica", a drink in collaboration with "Lemonade Lemonica", on October 26th. Limited time offer. The price is 160 yen (tax included).

Peach Lemonade by Lemonica

"Peach Lemonade by Lemonade" is a drink made by adding peach juice to a lemonade with a gentle sweetness. It is a very popular flavor in stores, where you can enjoy a refreshing taste with a refreshing sweetness. It can be stored at room temperature and uses a container with a cap, so you can carry it around and drink it in various situations. This is a limited-time product until the end of March 2022.

Lemonade by Lemonica

The products of Lemonade by Lemonade, which has been developed as a lemonade specialty store since 2016, are attracting a lot of attention because of their deliciousness, novelty that can be customized to your taste, and photogenic points. increase. This collaboration has been in operation since 2020, and you can easily enjoy the popular taste at the store this time as well.