Hard Rock Cafe "Pumpkin Tart"

The special dessert menu "Pumpkin Tart" using seasonal pumpkins will be on sale from October 20th to November 30th at Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo Store, Ueno Station Tokyo Store, and Yokohama Store (11 at Ueno Station Tokyo Store). Sold from the 1st of the month). A dish with a bright orange Halloween color. The price is 860 yen (tax included, same below).

Pumpkin tart

"Pumpkin Tart" is a dessert menu with a brulee-style tart made from custard cream and pumpkin puree. It has a moist and creamy texture and a moderate sweetness. It is also recommended to add vanilla ice cream as a topping (+200 yen).

In addition to the dessert alone, a "pumpkin tart" drink set (coffee or tea) is also available for 980 yen.