FamilyMart "Tirol chocolate bread (kinako mochi)" "Tirol chocolate bread (milk chocolate)"

At FamilyMart, "Tirol chocolate bread (kinako mochi)" and "Tirol chocolate bread (milk chocolate)" in collaboration with the popular chocolate "Tirol chocolate" are on sale from October 12th. Part of "more delicious", one of "40 good things !?", the 40th anniversary of FamilyMart.

Tyrolean chocolate bread (kinako rice cake)

Using two types of kinako cream and fertilizer, the taste of "Tyrolean chocolate (kinako mochi)" is reproduced with bread. The fragrance of kinako is improved. The price is 138 yen (tax included).

Family Mart "Tirol Choco Bread (Kinako Mochi)"

Tyrolean chocolate bread (milk chocolate)

Bread that you can enjoy the perfect balance of chocolate and milk. By increasing the amount of fresh cream of white chocolate cream and improving the milky feeling more than ever, the reproducibility of the taste of "Tirol chocolate (milk)" is enhanced.

Family Mart "Tirol Chocolate Bread (Milk Chocolate)"

Family Mart "Tirol Choco Bread"

In March 2006, FamilyMart first released "Tirol Choco Bread," which is a collaboration with the popular chocolate "Tirol Choco," which has an affordable price and a wide variety of lineups. Its taste and appearance that follows the package design of Tyrolean chocolate are very popular, and collaboration products have been developed multiple times so far.

The "Tirol chocolate bread (kinako mochi)" and "Tirol chocolate bread (milk chocolate)" that will be released this time are especially popular among the successive "Tirol chocolate breads", and many people expected a revival. It will be sold after reviewing the manufacturing method and materials.