Chourakukan "New Year's sweets sweets osechi"

"Sweet New Year dishes" will be available from Chourakukan in Kyoto. Reservations are accepted at "Chourakukan BOUTIQUE" and "Chourakukan Online Store Ippatsu". The selling price is 7,100 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included).

New Year's sweets sweets osechi

Chourakukan "New Year's sweets sweets osechi"

The menu, which is an annual New Year's event at Chourakukan, is a New Year's limited edition with three-tiered pastry chef handmade homemade sweets. Sweets with various tastes and textures such as cookies, chocolate sweets, pound cakes and florentines are put in, and it is announced that it will be a new year's osechi that will not get tired of.

Since no preservatives are used, you are advised to store in a cool and dark place and eat as soon as possible after opening. The expiration date is 5 days. The details of the contents are as follows.

Upper-Cake Caramel-Florentine Middle-Orangette-Dry Pine-Nuts Chocolat Almonds-Nuts Chocolat Macadamia Nuts Chocolat Hazelnuts Part de Fruy Western Pear Part de Fruy Strawberry Mandian Praline Lower D・ Malesho ・ Sabrevanille ・ Vienois Chocolat ・ Amaretti ・ Pecansabre ・ Linzer Shell

The package is a 13 x 13 cm red weight wrapped in a bright yellow furoshiki, and is tailored to give you a feeling of Kyoto. It is recommended for family gatherings, New Year's greetings, souvenirs and gifts.

Although it was only To go every year, delivery is accepted from this time. The over-the-counter pick-up period is from December 26, 2021 to January 5, 2022. Delivery can be specified from December 28, 2021 to January 7, 2022. In the case of delivery, caution is advised that cookies may be cracked, crushed, or damaged depending on the transportation conditions.

Also, if you apply for a reservation by November 15th, you can get an early discount of 5% discount. However, the number of sweets is limited, and reservations will be closed as soon as the planned number is reached.