Nissin Foods "Nissin Stamina Donbei Pork Garlic Soy Sauce Udon"

Nissin Foods will release "Nissin Stamina Donbei Pork Garlic Soy Sauce Udon" on October 25th. The popular "Gutsuri" Donbei is dedicated to all "pork garlic" lovers. The estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

Nissin's Stamina Donbei Pork Garlic Soy Sauce Udon

The cup noodles are arranged in the "Nissin Donbei" style with the taste of "Gatsuri ramen", which has gained popularity as much as the standard flavors such as soy sauce and miso with its punchy taste. Based on the Japanese-style soup stock, the soup stock is addictive with the richness of pork and garlic. The ingredients are cabbage, garlic, and char siu.

By adding the attached "special thick oil", the sweetness of the abra is added and the richness of the pork and the flavor of the garlic are improved. You can enjoy the addictive taste. The noodles use "thick wave udon" with a eagle texture so as not to lose to the punchy soup. It is finished to be a full-bodied meal.