Ministop "Heavy pole! Favorite Western-style lunch box"

Ministop will release a new product in the popular volume-based bento series, "Heavy Goku! Favorite Western-style Bento," which has been on sale since March, on October 12. The price is 599 yen (tax included).

Heavy pole! I love western food lunch

The new product released from the "Heavy Goku!" Series, which boasts the largest volume in the history of MINISTOP, is a bento box containing many Western side dishes that everyone loves. In addition to the standard Western side dishes such as chicken cutlet and hamburger steak, the popular fried shrimp is also added.

Homemade chicken cutlets fried at the factory are entwined with demiglace sauce, which is easy to eat seasonally. In addition, potato salad and Napolitan are added to the Western-style garnish to create a product that is very satisfying not only in volume but also in content.

"Heavy pole! I love Western-style bento" that looks good when you want to eat solidly. It's a nice lunch for Peko-san. When you see it, why don't you pick it up?

* Tax-included price is displayed at the reduced tax rate of 8% applied at the time of take-out.