Calbee "Pizza Potato Quattro Cheese Flavor"

From the Calbee "Pizza Potato" series, "Pizza Potato Quattro Cheese Flavor", which reproduces the taste of honey-coated quattroformage pizza, will be released in advance at convenience stores on October 18. Other than convenience stores, it will be released on October 25th.

Pizza potato quattro cheese flavor

Potato chips that reproduce the taste of quattroformage pizza with rich flavor. Developed in 2019 in response to the voice of fans who want to reproduce the quattroformage with honey, and will be sold for a limited time in November 2020. Since it was very popular at that time, the package was renewed and it will be re-released this year.

Honey cheese flavored flakes are used instead of the cheese flavored flakes used in regular "Pizza Potato" to give the honey flavor. By blending four types of cheese powder, blue, cheddar, emmental, and camembert, it is finished in a full-fledged adult taste. Deliciousness that makes you addicted to using sake lees powder and fried garlic powder as a secret ingredient.

Contents 60g (2.12oz). The estimated price is around 150 yen (tax included). Scheduled to be sold out in mid-February 2022.

Pizza potato

Introduced in 1992, "Pizza Potato" is a product that reproduces the authentic taste of pizza by topping potato chips with cheese-flavored flakes and parsley. It features a rich cheese flavor using a unique "melt flake manufacturing method" in which cheese-flavored flakes are placed on freshly fried hot potato chips and melted.

The cheese composition and packaging design were changed according to the times, and in June 2021, the 14th generation "Pizza Potato" was renewed using triple cheese flavored flakes of Emmental cheese, cream cheese, and blue cheese. In addition to the classic "Pizza Potato", many limited-time flavors have appeared so far.