Choya Umeshu "Choya's Organic Umeboshi"

From Choya Umeshu, the sour and salty authentic umeboshi "Choya's Organic Umeboshi" will be on sale from October 11th at the official online shop "Choyaan". There are two types of lineup, "sour plum" and "shiso-zuke plum".

Choya's Organic Umeboshi

Choya Umeshu "Choya's Organic Umeboshi"

"Choya's Organic Umeboshi" uses organically grown ripe Nanko Ume, which is cultivated in Kumano, which is known for its rich natural blessings in Kishu and Wakayama. From the idea that "Umeboshi, which eats whole skin, should be safe without using pesticides," we are particular about organic JAS-certified ripe Nanko plums that are grown naturally without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is made.

In addition, no food additives (no acidulants, flavors, or colorings) are used so that you can enjoy the luxurious blessings of organically grown plums. Nanko plums, which are pickled only with salt made from Australian seawater and salted until they become familiar, are dried in the sun at an indoor drying place, and then taken in at the optimal timing to determine the texture of the plums. Umeboshi made by the traditional method, which takes time and effort, makes the umami taste stand out when combined with white rice or spicy sauce.

Choya's Organic Umeboshi Sour Plum

Choya Umeshu "Choya's Organic Umeboshi Sour Plum"

Traditional white-dried umeboshi with a simple manufacturing method, pickled only with organically grown Kishu Nanko plums and salt. Choya confidently recommends umeboshi to those who like authentic umeboshi. It contains 100g (3.53oz) and the estimated price is 1,296 yen (tax included).

Choya's Organic Umeboshi Shiso Pickled Plum

Choya Umeshu "Choya's Organic Umeboshi Shiso Pickled Plum"

Traditional shiso umeboshi that matches the flavorful aroma of red shiso with the acidity of umeboshi. It is a pickled umeboshi with no coloring agent, which is characterized by its beautiful red color, using abundant red perilla, which is rare in Japan and is grown organically in Wakayama prefecture. It contains 100g (3.53oz) and the estimated price is 1,296 yen (tax included).