Freshness Burger "Asahi Draft Beer (commonly known as Maruev)" is now available

At each Freshness Burger store, "Asahi Draft Beer (commonly known as Maruefu)", the first fast food chain store, has been launched. The price is 390 yen (tax included). In addition, "Premium SET", which allows you to choose draft beer at no additional charge, is also available. You will be able to easily enjoy hamburgers and beer of interest.

Asahi draft beer (commonly known as Maruev)

Asahi draft beer (commonly known as Maruev)

Asahi Draft Beer, which was released in 1986, has discontinued sales of canned products for home use in order to concentrate production on "Super Dry," which was born the following year. When it was revived in September of this year (2021), it received a response that exceeded expectations, and it is attracting attention as the supply of products could not catch up and sales were temporarily suspended.

Premium SET

Freshness Burger "Premium SET"

A set that you can order from your favorite hamburger or hot dog for +490 yen (tax included). You can choose a drink such as "Fresh Lemonade", "Homemade Ginger Ale" or "Cafe Latte" from the side menu "French fries from Hokkaido", "Onion fries" or "Cole slaw salad".

With this "Premium SET", you can also choose "Draft Beer" at no additional charge. You can save 180 yen compared to purchasing it separately.

* Draft beer prices and the types of drinks that can be selected with the premium SET differ at food court stores.