Shiseido Parlor "MaQuillage Chocolat"

At the Shiseido Parlor Ginza main store shop and online shop, the chocolate confectionery "Maquillage Chocolat" in collaboration with "Maquillage Dramatic Eye Color" will be released on November 21st. The price is 1,836 yen (tax included).

Maquillage Chocolat

Chocolat in collaboration with "MaQuillage Dramatic Eye Color" that can be customized to choose chocolate. You can enjoy a slightly mature taste using Western liquor.

Shiseido Parlor "MaQuillage Chocolat"


Almond ganache scented with walnut liqueur is wrapped in bronze chocolate from Valrhona, France.

Mentha chocolate

Ganache finished with mint spirit and mint syrup for a refreshing taste is wrapped in sweet chocolate.

Cream milk tea

It tastes like creamy milk tea. Brandy-scented black tea ganache is wrapped in white chocolate.

Caramel ganache

Brandy-scented caramel ganache wrapped in white chocolate. Accented with Guérande salt.


Sweet chocolate is wrapped in chocolate that combines Feuyutine and Dry Franboise, which have a pleasant texture.

Shiseido Parlor "MaQuillage Chocolat"

Includes dramatic eye color samples (2 types, 6 colors in total) and an original handy bag of MaQuillage x Shiseido Parlor.

Shiseido Parlor "MaQuillage Chocolat" Eye Color Sample & Handy Bag