Sankuzeru "Kimchi style-Spicy sauce-"

The long-selling long-selling "Korean all-purpose miso," "Korean all-purpose scallions, salty taste," and "Korean all-purpose sardines" have been renewed at each Sankuzeru store and official online shop. From October 5th, "Korean-flavored miso-spicy sauce-", "green onion salt-spicy sauce-", and "kimchi-style-spicy sauce-" have been reborn so that you can feel the depth and umami of the taste. It is on sale.

Korean-flavored miso-spicy sauce-

Sankuzeru "Korean-flavored miso-spicy sauce-"

"Korean-flavored miso -spicy sauce-", which is a renewal of "Korean all-purpose miso", is finished by adding new kneaded sesame paste and sanon tou to make the characteristic sweet and spicy taste based on gochujang richer. Has been done. The gochujang and garlic's savory taste, mellow sweetness and lingering spiciness, sesame's savory richness, aroma, and umami all come together to spread in your mouth. Miso sauce that allows you to easily enjoy authentic Korean-style food. The price is 684 yen (tax included, same below).

Recommended arrangements are simply dipping stick vegetables such as cucumbers and radishes, seasoning with stir-fried minced meat, and adding to Chinese noodles to make dandan noodles, or adding to the hidden flavor of mapo tofu and cheese takkarubi.

Green onion salt-Who is salt?

Sankuzeru "Green onion salt-Salt sauce-"

"Negishi-dare-", which is a renewal of "Korean all-purpose scallions salted taste", is a salted sardine that uses plenty of flavored vegetables such as ginger, garlic, and long onions. The cut size of the green onion has been partially increased, and a new chicken bouillon has been added to improve the rich flavor and texture and umami of the green onion. By using algae salt, the salty taste is mildened, and the sweetness of green onions and the aroma of sesame oil and flavored vegetables are enhanced. The price is 540 yen.

Recommended arrangements are soup that is simply put in a cup and melted in hot water, fried rice, fried noodles, and yakiniku sauce, put on tofu to make Korean-style cold tofu, or mix with bean sprouts to make namul.

Kimchi style-Spicy sauce-

Sankuzeru "Kimchi style-Spicy sauce-"

"Kimchi-style -Spicy Dare-", which was renewed from "Korean All-Purpose", has new crab, scallop, and shrimp extracts added to make the characteristic kimchi-style taste more authentic. The moment you eat it, the spiciness of gochujang and the scent of punchy garlic spread in your mouth. The rich umami of seafood and the moderate acidity are appetizing. By blending strong-tasting chili peppers and strong-tasting chili peppers, the taste is finished with a deep and spicy taste that lasts for a long time. The price is 540 yen.

Recommended arrangements are stir-fried with meat to make a side dish for lunch, added to the taste of sukiyaki, or simmered with tofu and vermicelli to make a chige-style soup. You can also make instant kimchi by mixing it with vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, cucumber, and radish.