"Famima's Warm Noodle Series" has been renewed

"Famima's Warm Noodle Series" has been renewed at each FamilyMart store. Aiming for the taste of a specialty store, we focused on the texture of soba, udon, and ramen noodles, and the soup stock and richness of the soup and soup, making it even more delicious. In addition, a new lineup will be available and sold.

Dashi scented kakiage soba

FamilyMart "Dashi scented kakiage soba"

Warm soba with large kakiage and wakame seaweed. Kakiage of onions and carrots has an improved texture by changing the cut size of the onions. The price is 399 yen (tax included, same below). Handling nationwide (excluding Okinawa Prefecture).

Shrimp and chikuwa tempura soba

FamilyMart "Shrimp and Chikuwa Tempura Soba"

Shrimp tempura that goes well with the soup that you can feel the taste of dried bonito, and tempura soba that is newly served with chikuwa tempura. The price is 498 yen. Handling nationwide (excluding Hokkaido, Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures).

Kitsune udon cooked in a kettle and fried

FamilyMart "Katsune Udon cooked in a kettle"

Kitsune udon with soft, juicy and large fried food. When chewed, the gentle sweetness spreads. The price is 399 yen. Handling nationwide (excluding Chubu area and Kyushu area).

Lots of ingredients Kenchin Udon

FamilyMart "A lot of ingredients Kenchin Udon"

Kenchin udon noodles made by stir-frying radish, carrots, burdock roots, lotus roots, and fried tofu with sesame oil and simmered with Japanese mustard spinach. It is made into a dish that is full of ingredients and has a satisfying taste. The price is 498 yen. Handling in the Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, and Hokuriku regions.

Carefully selected miso prepared in Hokkaido Rich miso ramen

FamilyMart "Carefully selected miso rich miso ramen prepared in Hokkaido"

Miso ramen is made by blending multiple carefully selected miso prepared in Hokkaido to create a soup that gives you a rich and rich taste of miso. Meat shavings, char siu, bean sprouts, etc. are served. The price is 520 yen. Sold nationwide from October 12th.

Grilled char siu soy sauce ramen

FamilyMart "Grilled Char Siu Soy Sauce Ramen"

A soy sauce ramen that is made into a soup that you can feel the taste of seafood in a light atmosphere by blending a soy sauce maple with seafood soup stock in a glass soup based on pork and chicken. Soft char siu is served. The price is 598 yen. Sold nationwide from October 12th.

* Specifications differ in Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa prefectures.