Dean & DeLuca ease "Butter Sand"

"Special butter sand" by Chef Keisuke Oyama of Patisserie "ease" will be on sale from October 15th at DEAN & DELUCA and the online store. There are 4 flavors, 1 each, 4 in total, and the price is 2,700 yen (tax included).

ease Special butter sand

Based on crispy and fragrant cookies and light butter cream that melts in your mouth, the texture of fruits and jam that melts from the inside are accented. There will be three standard flavors that you can meet every month, "Rum Raisin", "Matcha Cassis", and "Cheese Raspberry", as well as an assortment of limited flavors that only appear in that month. The limited flavor in October is "cherry".

Dean & DeLuca ease "Butter Sand"

Rum raisins

A royal road flavor in which small raisins soaked in rum are mixed in a soft and light butter cream. Homemade rum raisins, which are particular about the type of raisins and the period of soaking, are the decisive factors for the deliciousness. The scent of cookies and the scent of rum spread throughout the mouth, and the butter cream that melts lightly leaves a happy finish.

Matcha cassis

Butter sand with sour cassis jam trapped in a bittersweet matcha cream. Matcha with an elegant aroma and umami and cassis with a fresh acidity are a combination unique to Chef Oyama, who is also popular for baked sweets of ease. The scents of butter, matcha, and cassis complement each other, and the balance is carefully thought out with a small amount.

Cheese raspberries

Raspberry jam melts from the refreshing cheese cream with dried apricots, and it tastes like a raspberry cheesecake. The texture of apricot is also enjoyable, and various flavors spread with each bite.


This month's flavor with cherry jam in cherry cream with juicy flax cherry added. The sweetness of pure cherries, homemade cherry jam with rich flavor, and the texture of Amarena cherries are accented.

Patisserie "ease" (Kabutocho, Tokyo)

Chef Keisuke Oyama, who has experience in restaurants all over France and famous restaurants in Japan, will open in 2020 in Kabutocho, Tokyo. Taking advantage of the experience as a restaurant pastry chef, cakes and baked goods that bring out the taste of the ingredients with a surprising combination are characterized by their freshness and delicacy. The name of the restaurant reflects the chef's desire to "come with a rough feeling and without stretching your shoulders and elbows."