Bell Amer "Pare Chocolat Advent Calendar 2021"

The official online shop of Bel Amer will start accepting reservations for "Pare Chocolat Advent Calendar 2021" on November 8th. Limited to 500 sets, will end as soon as they are sold out.

Palais Chocolat Advent Calendar 2021

From December 1st to December 25th, 25 kinds of pare chocolates that you can enjoy one by one a day. There is also a special pare chocolate for Christmas only, so you can enjoy what kind of it is on what day after opening it. Pare chocolates designed with motifs such as reindeer and holly add to the Christmas atmosphere.

Bell Amer "Pare Chocolat Advent Calendar 2021"

The size is W30cm x L30cm x H7cm. The price is 8,640 yen (tax included). Ships sequentially from November 25th to November 30th.

* Cannot be bundled with other products.
* A carrying bag cannot be attached.

Palais chocolate

A chocolate bar with a diameter of about 6 cm and a thickness of about 6 mm, which is particular about the material, thickness, and texture. Handmade one by one in an atelier specializing in chocolate that strictly controls humidity and temperature. The ingredients are blended together based on various chocolates, and the ingredients and decorations are applied to create a carefully finished product.

Bell Amer "Pare Chocolat"