In love with a coffee shop. "Raw Creme Brulee Tart"

From the collaboration brand "In love with a coffee shop" between Ginza vine and the magazine "Hanako", the third "Frozen but delicious raw creme brulee tart" will be sold at the online shop "Paku to Mogu". .. Prices start at 1,890 yen (tax included, shipping not included).

Raw creme brulee tart that is frozen but delicious as it is

The delicious raw cake "Raw Creme Brulee Tart" is born out of the freezer. We pursued the taste of delicious creme brulee, which spreads the elegant vanilla scent in a cool feeling even when frozen. This is the first time that authentic fresh cakes have been sold at the official online shop "Paku to Mogu".

A dish of bittersweet caramel sauce and creme pudding made with Hokkaido cream spread on a fragrant tart dough and slowly baked at low temperature. The finish is a burner and crisp caramelized. The bittersweetness of caramel, the milky and gentle sweetness of smooth creme pudding, and the scent of vanilla that spreads softly. It overlaps in the mouth and melts as one. You can enjoy high quality while staying at home.