"Atsuage Okonomiyaki Sandwich" A simple recipe for cut cabbage!
A simple recipe for "Atsuage Okonomiyaki-style sandwich" using cut shredded cabbage. There is a lot of volume in one, and the taste is also very satisfying.
Material ( For 2 people )
Atsuage 150g x 2
Cut shredded cabbage 100g (3.53oz)
White sesame 1 tablespoon
Garlic tube About 1 cm
mayonnaise Appropriate amount
Katsuobushi Appropriate amount
Okonomiyaki sauce Appropriate amount
Green onion Appropriate amount
Atsuage okonomiyaki-style sandwich

Cut vegetables, a friend of home rice on a busy day. The burden is greatly reduced just by eliminating the trouble of washing and cutting. This time, I will introduce a simple recipe of "Atsuage Okonomiyaki-style sandwich" using cut shredded cabbage.

Atsuage okonomiyaki-style sandwich


Atsuage 150g (5.29oz) x 2 cut shredded cabbage 100g (3.53oz)
1 tablespoon white sesame
Garlic tube about 1 cm
Mayonnaise Appropriate amount of dried bonito Appropriate amount of okonomiyaki sauce Appropriate amount of green onion Appropriate amount

How to make

1. Slice the fried tofu in half and bake in a frying pan until the surface is browned.

Atsuage sliced in half

2. Add cabbage, mayonnaise, white sesame and garlic. The amount of mayonnaise is 1 tbsp if you like dark eyes and 2 tsp if you like light.

Cabbage with mayonnaise and sesame seeds

3. Take half of the roasted fried tofu on a plate, put cabbage on top, and sandwich with the other half of the fried tofu.

Atsuage okonomiyaki-style sandwich

4. Sprinkle mayonnaise, sauce, dried bonito flakes, and chopped green onions in any amount from the top to complete.

Atsuage okonomiyaki-style sandwich

What is the taste of Atsuage Okonomiyaki sandwich?

The outside of the fried tofu is crispy, and the inside is moist and chewy. The rich flavor of mayo and sauce is entwined with the fragrant fried tofu. Crispy mayonnaise cabbage with garlic is a pleasant accent.

Atsuage okonomiyaki-style sandwich

There is a lot of volume in one, and the taste is also very satisfying. It is also recommended when you want to enjoy a slightly different way of eating Atsuage.