Sarabeth Nagoya store "Avocado toast"

The new menu "Avocado Toast" will be on sale from October 13th to 26th at the Nagoya store of the New York restaurant "Sarabes". The price is 1,750 yen for "Avocado Toast" and 2,100 yen for "Avocado Toast Half Course" (both including tax).

Avocado toast

In New York, where Sarabeth has its head office, avocado toast has become a staple menu, but "New York's breakfast queen" Sarabeth is healthy, delicious, and stylish with "Sarabeth-ness" in the foreground. This menu expresses the above and developed the product. Based on Sarabeth's menu concept of "Simple is Best", we are particular about the quality of each ingredient as well as avocado, which is a key item, and the balance of taste, texture and aroma is exquisite, with the owner Sarabeth's endorsement. It is finished in a gem. Bread with rye kneaded into French bread dough is toasted crispy and topped with avocado paste. It goes well with steamed soft-boiled eggs. And served with colorful tomatoes and red coleslaw.

In addition to selling the "Avocado Toast" separately, the signature sweets items "Buttermilk Pancake" or "Fluffy French Toast" (both half size) and mini soup that can cover the charm of Sarabeth are included in the set. "Avocado Toast Half Course" is also available.