Coco's "Marron Fair"

"Marron Fair" will be held from October 14th at Coco's. The lineup includes "Adult Caramel Marron Parfait," "Marron's Crispy Millefeuille," "Waguri Cream Mont Blanc," and "Marron's Glass Parfait." Scheduled to end sales in late November.

Coco's Marron Fair

Adult caramel marron parfait

The "best ever Coco's" parfait with a height of about 30 cm. The rich sweetness of astringent chestnut, marron ice cream, and marron pudding is complemented by the cocoa jelly and caramel sauce with a bittersweet brandy scent. A luxurious dish that you can enjoy various textures with each bite, such as chewy marshmallows, crispy chocolate crispy, and crispy meringue. The price is 869 yen (tax included, same below).

* Cacao jelly has a brandy scent, but since it does not contain alcohol, it can be eaten by children and people who are vulnerable to alcohol.

Coco's "Adult Caramel Marron Parfait"

Marron's crispy millefeuille

A voluminous dish with three layers of crispy pie, marron pudding, and whipped cream. Marron pudding is finished with a chestnut-like texture. The rich sweetness of marron and caramel sauce go well together. The price is 649 yen.

Coco's "Marron's Crispy Millefeuille"

Waguri cream Mont Blanc

A classic autumn dessert where you can enjoy two types of cream, moist Japanese chestnut cream and fluffy whipped cream laid under Mont Blanc. Marron ice cream with astringent chestnut enhances the flavor of marron. The price is 539 yen.

Coco's "Waguri Cream Mont Blanc"

Marron glass parfait

A parfait of the perfect size for dessert after a meal. Brandy-scented cacao jelly, crispy chocolate crispy, and marron ice cream are placed on top of the marron pudding, and you can feel the marron flavor and rich sweetness. The price is 429 yen.

Coco's "Marron's Glass Parfait"