Ministop "Gurukuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate"

Ministop will release the 5th "Guru Kuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate", a new type of drinkable dessert, on October 8th. The price is 397 yen (tax included).

Guru Kuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate

"Gurukuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate" is a new flavor for autumn and winter in the popular "Gurukuru" series. Strawberries and chocolate, which go well with sweets, are combined to create a particularly cute look and color in the Guru Kuru series released so far.

Ministop "Gurukuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate"

Strawberry milk with flesh that has a sour taste, and a chocolate-flavored pie that can be drunk with a straw as an accent to the texture. Belgian chocolate soft is used luxuriously, and you can enjoy a new mariage unique to Guru Kuru. When mixed, the whole becomes chocolate-colored, but the characteristic is that you can feel the strawberry taste firmly.

Guru Kuru

Guru Kuru is a dessert with a new sensation that was developed this year under the theme of "providing new value for soft serve ice cream." It is made to be even more delicious by mixing the whole and drinking, so it is recommended that you first enjoy the appearance and then mix and drink about 30 times. "Guru-Kuru" is derived from the fact that it is a "product that is mixed and drunk" and that the sound of drinking a drink called "Guru-Goku" is called "Guru-Guru" in French.