Ootoya "Raw pacific saury Charcoal Grill"

Ootoya will release Ootoya's autumn specialty "Raw pacific saury Charcoal Grill" on October 15th. The price is 980 yen for 1 fish and 1,380 yen for 2 fish (tax included).

Charcoal-grilled raw saury

The seasonal "raw saury" that has been landed is delivered to stores nationwide by chilled, grilled crisply over charcoal (*), and you can enjoy the deliciousness of the season. Specialty menu. Such a discerning menu will be on sale this year as well. It is a plump saury with good oiliness sent directly from the port.

"Nama-pacific saury", which is carefully grilled over charcoal, is a delicious dish that you can enjoy its unique fragrant flavor and crispy texture on the surface. We are particular about grated radish, and you can enjoy it deliciously in the best condition that enhances the deliciousness of saury. Please enjoy the taste of the season.

* Some stores will have an open flame.