J.S. PANCAKE CAFE "-Hazelnut Fragrance-Lich Mont Blanc Pancake"

At JS PANCAKE CAFE, "-Hazelnut Fragrance-Lich Mont Blanc Pancake" is on sale from October 7th. "Halloween Kids Pancake" will be released on October 20th.

~ Hazelnut scent ~ Rich Mont Blanc pancake

This year's Montblanc pancake is a rich dish with marron cream made from French chestnuts, where you can enjoy the original taste and aroma of chestnuts. Plenty of marron cream contains astringent chestnut ice cream, smooth whipped cream, and crispy crepe dough. Rich hazelnut-flavored pancakes enhance the deliciousness. Adding the attached berry sauce adds an elegant acidity, and it is also attractive that you can enjoy the change in taste.

J.S. PANCAKE CAFE "-Hazelnut Fragrance-Lich Mont Blanc Pancake"

The price is 1,518 yen (tax included, same below). You can change to "Chestnut increase Ver" for +275 yen. The sale period is scheduled from October 7th to the end of November. Available at all JS PANCAKE CAFE stores and JS FOODIES Tennoji MIO store.

Halloween kids pancakes

A pancake that expresses a ghost face using fruit and chocolate sauce. Combined with pumpkin salad and hamburger deli, it is finished in one plate that is fun to look at.

J.S. PANCAKE CAFE "Halloween Kids Pancakes"

The price is 968 yen. The sale period is from October 20th to October 31st. Available at all stores except JS PANCAKE CAFE Sakai store and Minami Machida Grandberry Park store.