DEAN & DELUCA Weekend Limited Halloween Sweets

Halloween sweets "a la bonne heure pumpkin cream puffs" "DEAN & DELUCA pumpkin pudding" "LOLA'S CUPCAKES Halloween cupcakes" will be on sale only on the weekend of October at DEAN & DELUCA market stores and cafe stores. increase. Appeared sequentially from October 8th. The products we handle vary depending on the store.

a la bonne heure pumpkin cream puffs

DEAN & DELUCA "a la bonne heure pumpkin cream puffs"

"A la bonne heure pumpkin cream puffs" will be on sale from October 8th to October 10th. A seasonal shoe with two layers of pumpkin paste and custard cream that have a smooth texture. The soft and soft texture of the choux pastry is a unique dish of A la Bonnu. The price is 238 yen (tax included, same below). It is available at market stores.

DEAN & DELUCA Pumpkin Pudding

DEAN & DELUCA "DEAN & DELUCA Pumpkin Pudding"

"DEAN & DELUCA Pumpkin Pudding" will be on sale from October 22nd to October 24th. "Hokkori pumpkin" with a strong sweetness that is soft like chestnuts is used. Carefully strained pumpkin and fresh milk from Tada Nature Farm are combined to create a tailoring that makes the most of the natural sweetness of pumpkin. It is a sweet that is recommended at this time of year because it has a rich taste and richness. The price is 410 yen. Available at all market stores and some cafe stores.

LOLA'S CUPCAKES Halloween cupcakes

DEAN & DELUCA "LOLA'S CUPCAKES Halloween Cupcakes"

"LOLA'S CUPCAKES Halloween Cupcakes" will be on sale from October 29th to October 31st. A limited edition cupcake with a colorful Halloween motif, delivered from London-based cupcake specialty store "LOLA'S CUP CAKES", which has a reputation for its colorful appearance with cream and toppings and the deliciousness of the ingredients. The price is 626 yen. Handling at market stores.