Bikkuri Donkey Morning "rice with eggs"

The morning menu of "Bikkuri Donkey" has been enhanced. From October 6th, "Tamago kake gohan" will be newly added, and "Single Estate Coffee" (hot coffee) and "Cafe on the Rock" (ice coffee) will be available for free refills.

Bikkuri Donkey Morning

Bikkuri Donkey Morning is available at 140 stores nationwide. In addition to the "minimum dish set" that includes a mini-sized hamburger (100g (3.53oz)) dish and miso soup, the "toast set" that includes toast, boiled eggs, and drinks, we also offer regular dish menus and dish salads. increase.

Egg over rice

The new "Egg Kake Gohan" is a morning menu that includes rice, miso soup, and raw eggs. The price is 330 yen (tax included, same below). The ingredients for miso soup change weekly. Rice large serving is plus 100 yen, small serving is 55 yen discount.

Single Estate Coffee / Cafe on the Rocks Free Refills

"Single Estate Coffee" (hot coffee) and "Cafe on the Rock" (ice coffee) are free to refill during the morning hours. If you order a meal, you can order it for an additional 200 yen.